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  • We set the new ComfortZone heater to 67 and it is perfect! Sometimes it even get a little toasty! I am so glad that I finally purchased this heater for the basement!.

    Jason Harskjold, PA
  • Love Love Love our new Bionaire Infinite Speed Bladeless Fan from Buy Energy Efficient. Great air flow, cool to look at and kid/pet safe.

    Madison P., CA
  • Just purchased one of the pet gates. They are a bit expensive, but I feel good knowing they are durable and good for the environment. Sustainable purchases are smart purchases!

    Casey Hazelton, TX
  • Awesome solar selection! I love gadgets and you got 'em.

    Tracy Fierro, TX
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Physics Solar Workshop Kit

Item Number 500-10134-00
Regular price $119.90
ONLY $109.90

Product Description

Use the Physics Solar Workshop to explore the topic of solar energy, focusing on photovoltaic cells. Using this solar kit to build 12 models and conducting 30 experiments, you will learn how solar cells transform light into electrical energy, and how motors and mechanical devices can optimize the work done by this energy. You will build different types of vehicles and machines to demonstrate how gears can convert and transform power for different needs.Almost all of forms of energy we use orginates from the sun, use this solar physics kit to learn about how we can best harness this energy.Build 12 models, including:a solar-powered tractortruck treaded vehicle car elevator drawbridge fan airplane mobile crane construction craneLearn about harnessing and using solar power.The 64-page book offers illustrated instructions for the projects