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Energy efficient range

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Energy efficient rangeWhen shopping for an energy efficient range, always keep in mind the long-term savings and goals. First and foremost, you want a range that is safely insulated, adequately vented and uses high performance energy solutions. This purchase will keep your family and kitchen safe from air toxins as well as unwanted heat and fires.

Also, remember though the initial purchase cost of an energy efficient range might be more expensive than standard stove ranges, eco-friendly ranges use less energy more productively … saving household energy costs with each and every use. Additionally, energy efficient appliances are high-performing with extended durability. You won’t need to purchase a new stove range if it is energy efficient as soon as you would a standard stove range.

Range options include:

• Gas Burners: Allow for more control over amount and speed of heat, but bring harmful fuel into the home and air. Gas Burners are becoming more energy efficient with new technologies such as electronic ignition.

• Electric Cook-Tops: The most Energy Efficient Range option. Through induction electromagnetic energy is transferred directly to the pan. Uses half the energy of standard coil range tops.

• Ceramic Glass Cook-Tops (Halogen): These Energy Efficient Ranges have halogen elements as a heat source located under the ceramic glass units. Deliver instant heat, respond quickly and are easy to clean.

• Ceramic Glass Cook-Tops (Radiant): These Energy Efficient Ranges are close in efficiency to halogen ceramic glass cook-tops, but do not heat up as quickly.

• Standard Electric Coils: Standard Electric Coils fall way below the high performance energy efficiency of the Energy Efficient Ranges above.

• Solid Disk Elements: Least energy efficient are solid disk elements. Although easier to clean, they heat up slowly and use high-energy consumption (wattage).

Don’t just store food; create a safe, cool, and well-balanced atmosphere using an Energy efficient fridge that also reduces your household energy costs.
Energy efficient fridge
An energy efficient fridge not only holds food for your family, but also can provide a clean environment without increasing your power bill. These eco-friendly fridges feature a variety of energy efficient options such as:

• Adjustable thermostats perfect for energy saving seasonal changes
• The newest materials in insulation and door seals
• Power-Saver (anti-sweat) switch options
• Easy to clean coils, which can be cleaned 2x a year to maximize efficiency

With a variety of new powering, temperature controlling and design options, Energy Efficient Fridges can exceed the U.S. Dept. of Energy efficiency standards beyond 40% while still being stylish and comfortable.

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