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Energy efficient microwaves

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Energy efficient microwavesWhen worrying about your energy costs and efficiency, energy efficient microwaves are a great addition to your sustainable kitchen. Microwaves use high frequency radio waves in order to cook food in less time than stove top cooking. Eco-friendly microwaves provide features like temperature probes, variable power settings and power on/off controls in order to improve their cooking performance and time.

You can also reduce your air conditioning bill when using energy efficient microwaves because they will not radiate as much as heat as other microwaves. Microwaves may use more energy than a stove, but for up to two-thirds less the amount of time.

Energy efficient microwaves should only be used for smaller portions of food, which also means they take up less room than standard microwaves. Sleek and efficient, these microwaves are a must for any green kitchen.

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