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  • We set the new ComfortZone heater to 67 and it is perfect! Sometimes it even get a little toasty! I am so glad that I finally purchased this heater for the basement!.

    Jason Harskjold, PA
  • Love Love Love our new Bionaire Infinite Speed Bladeless Fan from Buy Energy Efficient. Great air flow, cool to look at and kid/pet safe.

    Madison P., CA
  • Just purchased one of the pet gates. They are a bit expensive, but I feel good knowing they are durable and good for the environment. Sustainable purchases are smart purchases!

    Casey Hazelton, TX
  • Awesome solar selection! I love gadgets and you got 'em.

    Tracy Fierro, TX
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Night Watchmen Day / Night Sensor 12 volt

Item Number LC-4
Regular price $69.99
ONLY $64.99

Product Description

Night Watchmen Day / Night Sensor
The Night Watchman is designed to be mounted outside in a marine salt air environment.  It is completely waterproof, and very small (1" x 1" x 1") for mounting in an inconspicuous location.

Because power consumption is always a concern on battery powered systems (sail boats, PV systems, etc.) the Night Watchman is designed to use an extremely small amount of power in standby mode (only 0.00015A or 0.15mA), yet it is capable of supplying up to 10A of load current.

The Night Watchman will turn 12V incandescent or fluorescent lights ON in the evening within a half hour of sunset, and OFF in the morning within a half hour of sun rise.

The Night Watchman's circuitry is designed to prevent flickering therefore it can be used to control 12V fluorescent lamps.

Other great uses for the Night Watchman
  • Use for Boat cabin, and Spreader lights too
  • 12V Motor Home / RV lights
  • Solar lighting system's lamp controller
  • Automatically turn ON low level lighting when Night Watchman senses that High level lighting in the area is turned OFF.