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Best energy efficient refrigerator

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Best energy efficient refrigeratorIf somebody is looking for the best energy efficient refrigerator, it may be wise to search for the following features to make sure he or she is getting exactly what they are looking for.
• Check the tags – The yellow tags on the best energy efficient refrigerator units will estimate how much energy the device will use in a year. If you are looking to save money, it may be best to find those refrigerators that use at least 20 percent less electricity than what is mandated by federal law. The appliances that meet this requirement can actually help you qualify for federal rebates.
• Freezer-on-top configuration is better – When looking for the best energy efficient refrigerator units, it is true that those that include the freezer on top are more efficient than those with the freezer next to the refrigerator. There are items like icemakers that are often included in side-by-side units that add to the energy consumption of the refrigerator.
• Look out for the monster refrigerators – Even though some people think they may love to have a refrigerator that is so big that it gives them more than enough room, the best energy efficient refrigerator would be one that best meets your size needs. If a smaller refrigerator will do the job, the efficient decision would be to get the smaller unit.

By doing simple things like checking the tags on the unit, choosing the proper configuration and getting a refrigerator the size that you need, you should be able to find the best energy efficient refrigerators.

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